We have a combined 50 years' experience in the research, development, and characterisation of;


Materials Biological characterisation;  
Novel materials and composites, porous materials Wound care and healing
Carbons; catalytic, activated, nanotubes and nanoparticles   Primary cell cultures, 2D and 3D
Other metal nanoparticles Toxicology and biocompatibility in culture
Adsorption and adsorbtion to nanomaterials Adult human stem cell biology and control of differentiation
Antimicrobials The interface between biology and engineered components
Modification of surfaces Interaction between components and the environment


Complementary Skills

We also have many complementary skills, including in developing, evaluating, and reviewing grant proposals for several RCUK funders. Project and Programme management. Ethics applications and evaluations. Medical device design that meets with the regulations of the UK and EU. IP generation and protection.

We have a high success rate in the development and submission of our own grant proposals, resulting in the award of multiple national and international grants from governments, charities and research organisations. 

We are available to help you to achieve your own funding goals, including help with ideation, writing, application wording and management of awarded grant funding. Experimental design and implementation, and small scale prototype production.


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